Financialbridge is a Florida Corporation providing Export Finance and Business Credit Consulting Services to U.S. and International Private Companies and Government Agencies. We package and procure Financial Products as Innovative Funding Solutions to satisfy our clients’ funding requirements, working in cooperation with U.S. and International Financial Institutions. The Financial Products include:

Export & Import Trade Finance – Trade Loans with Short-Term tenure of 12-36 months to support Export and Import Financing of transactions involving U.S. and International Companies.

Project Finance – Medium Term Financing structured for start-up or expansion of existing Industrial & Commercial Projects, with repayment terms of 3 to 7 years.

Public Sector Financing – Public Sector Long-Term Loans of 7-12 years for Infrastructure and Project Development, utilizing Country Sovereign Guarantees within existing Bi-lateral/Multi-lateral Agreements or Structured Commercial Credit Guarantees.

Export Working Capital Loans – Facilities for U.S. Exporters that require financing to promote export of their goods or services through the use of Institutional Guaranteed Commercial Loans, with terms of 6 to 24 months.

Equity Financing – Funds raised from Private or Institutional Investors through Private Placement of Shares of Common Stock of issuing companies.

Bridge Loans – Short-term Loans packaged and procured for U.S. and International Companies to bridge funding gaps that are taken out through long-term or intermediate financing.

For procurement of the various Financial Products, we carry out Market Research to identify Trade Products and Industrial Plants and Machinery that are suited for the requirements of our clients. We then conduct Feasibility Studies to develop bankable Business Plans for related Projects and Marketing Plans for Trade Transactions, which are combined with other statutory documentation to satisfy the requirements of Financial Institutions and Lenders interested in providing funding support for the transactions.

All transactions are structured on turnkey basis through cooperation with Project Implementation and Management Companies in ensuring effective utilization of procured funds for successful Planning and Execution of related Projects and Trade Transactions. The scope of Project Implementation includes negotiating Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Agreements as well as Training and Expatriate Management Support for Operations and Maintenance requirements of related projects.

Our corporate focus is on the U.S. Export Market, the emerging markets of Africa, Central & South America and the Middle East as well as the transition economies of Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The Industrial Sectors served include:

Oil and Gas (Modular Oil Refineries, Gas Gathering & Processing Plants, Downstream Petrochemical Projects, Pipelines, etc.)

Energy (Gas Turbines and Diesel Powered Plants)

Communications (Wireless VSAT Network VoIP Telephone, Fax, High Speed Broadband Internet Systems, Cable TV, etc.)

Solid Mineral (Quarrying & Processing)

Manufacturing and Assembly (Small and Medium Scale Plants)

Construction (Pre-Engineered Buildings & Facilities, Stadiums & Arenas, Industrial Parks, etc.)

Agro-Business (Farming & Food Processing)

Medical (Pharmaceutical Projects, Supplies & Clinics)

Tourism (Amusement Parks, Hotels/Resorts, etc.)

Aviation (Used & New Passenger & Cargo Aircrafts, Helicopters, Airport Development & Expansion, Avionics & Spare Parts, etc.)

Companies seeking financing within the scope of available Financial Products should contact us for detailed Funding Proposals that will include requirements of the respective Financial Institutions and the process of packaging and procuring related Loan Facilities.